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Lo, The Dead Arise

Behold! Comps are over. I live. In the space of seven days, I have done:

1. Ethnomusicology subject essays (3)
2. Historical essays on the 19th and 20th centuries (3)
3. Single sheet identificatins (12)
4. Conceptual Foundations, three of the most godawful, vaguely phrased, jargon filled essay questions I never hope to see again (3), and
5. Survived the last-minute switching of my modal analysis topic away from the one I had carefully prepared all summer, to research and write, in the total space of 72 hours, a reasonably coherent, ten-and-a-half-page paper on the development of a modal system based on a different modaly system about which I knew, and still know, absolutely nothing.

Comps are over, at least until callbacks. But I'm not going to think about callbacks now. I'm just going to go outside and blink in wonderment at the strange yellow light in the sky. They tell me it's called "the sun."
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