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Ahh, Neighbors

Today, the Hyde Park singers experienced one of those fun little moments that you only ever really get at urban house singings. We had a pretty good class tonight, and after the break, fired up on cookies and strawberries, we were tearing through Easter Morn -- we took it at a slightly faster clip than the recording, and pitched it a little higher. It being a warm night, our lovely hostess rhobike had the windows open. No sooner had we finished than we heard applause drifting up from the street below! We thanked them and moved on to the next tune.

After the singing, some of us headed out along 55th Street, and one of the neighbors stopped us at the corner and asked if we were the singing people. We said yes, and told him a little about the music. He said that he always looks forward to hearing it. His guests think he's weird: "They're singing AGAIN!" "Yes, I know, isn't it nice?" "You don't mind them?" "I think they're relaxing." We invited him to press the buzzer and come up the next time he heard the music.

One thing about Hyde Park people -- they're used to seeing and hearing a lot of weird things. A dozen Harp singers just won't faze them.
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