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Amusing, Yet Bizarre

I was walking from the library to the bus stop carrying my fencing gear bag when I passed a trio of undergraduate boys. I think they were pleasantly schnozzled, and I do believe that I want the name of their bartender. You see, they mistook me for a boy. "Hey, bro," they said pleasantly, "you gotta guitar there?" It wasn't until they were right next to me that one of them noticed and said, "Yo, he's a girl!"

Now, there are 28-year-old women in the world who could easily pass for 20-year-old boys. I, however, am not one of them. Admittedly, it was dark, I had my hair pulled back, and I was wearing a denim jacket, knickers, work boots, and a cloth cap. The knickers aren't obscenely tight, but they do tend to. . . emphasize certain aspects of the female form. And you'd think that the breasts, the hips, and the purse would give it away.

Apparently, you'd be wrong. I so need to find out what those boys were drinking and get me some.
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