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Dhalang Love

Yesterday, I got to attend our gamelan rehearsal with our dhalang (puppeteer), Midiyanto. I heart Midiyanto. I heart the way he thinks about life.

We had been using the smaller of our two gong agengs all throughout the wayang music. Midiyanto swooped in and declared that we should use the big gong ageng, the one with the wonderfully deep, rich voice, that's so responsive that it will speak if you even breathe on it. If the spirit of the gamelan does live in the gong ageng, then surely Sri Sedånå's spirit lives in this one.

Why did Midiyanto make this change? As he said, "That gong is the biggest, most expensive object in this entire gamelan. It cost you a fortune to ship it from Java. Of course you have to use it, or it wouldn't be worth all the money you spent to get it here in the first place!"

I heart our dhalang, yes I do.
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