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Shameless Self-Promotion

There are many things that I want to talk about, some fears and worries, some happy things as well. But that'll have to wait for a bit. Doomsday is almost upon us. That's right: it's . . . Wayang Time!

Who: The Chicago Friends of the Gamelan.
What: "Bima Suci and Dewa Ruci," a Javanese wayang kulit, or shadow puppet play.
When: Saturday, 17 November, family matinée performance at 2:00, longer grownup performance at 5:00.
Where: Hyde Park Union Church, 56th and Woodlawn.
Why: Because it's cool! (And because we got a grant.)
How: Puppets and a totally rockin' gamelan.
Cost: Not much. I think the matinée is $5 and the evening show is $7.

Come if you can! It'll be pretty nifty.
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