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Still No Clear Winner

Last night, I attended the 61st (or maybe 62nd? 63rd?) edition of the Latke-Hamantasch Debate. For those who are not familiar with this Great and Serious Academic Tradition, it is a Serious Academic Event which is the Jewish social event of the fall quarter here at the U of C. A panel of distinguished professors, each representing a different discipline, appear in full regalia on the stage of Mandel Hall to muster the wisdom, thought, and jargon of their particular fields to try and answer, once and for all, the great burning question: Which is the superior Jewish holiday food, the latke or the hamantasch?

This year, we heard from the fields of economics, oriental studies, law, and political science. I am pleased to say that the debate still has not been resolved and will thus have to continue next year. But the attempt was hysterically funny, as usual, and an entirely worthwhile way to spend my evening. As opposed to actually sitting down and doing my Hebrew homework.
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