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The Pony Bounces Back

They say that a cold will go away in seven days with treatment, but it will take a week without treatment. They're right. I am licking this Nasty Bug, and will probably be able to finish the quarter on time anyway! Ha!

This thanks to my Yiddish teacher, whose response to "I am too sick to come to class today" was "Okay, come to the exam tomorrow, but you don't have to take the oral part, on account of you can't talk, so making you talk Yiddish isn't going to make a damn bit of difference," and my Hebrew teacher, who offers her exams on two different days, and pretty much ordered me to go to bed with chicken soup instead of coming to her class. I don't think she has any kids, which means that she takes out her Jewish Mother Gene on all her students.

For the record: Spaghetti-Os, honey lemon cough drops, Gatorade, and (yes!) homemade chicken broth, and a couple of bottles of CVS's knockoff of NyQuil are an unbeatable combination against the common cold. All hail the makers of liquid cold medicines.
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