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In Re: Adult Content And The Protection Of Children

Slate Magazine had a fascinating article today on horror and children's discovery of too-adult material. I thought that the His Dark Materials trilogy was dull, and I never read Flowers In The Attic, but I knew lots of girls who did, all at that age where they were "far too young" to be reading such a grown-up story. Even if you weren't the one who read it, all your friends did, and you absorbed quite a bit of the story anyway. And none of us girls who read it grew up to be bad people. Granted, there were the fair share of teenage pregnancies and delinquents by the time most of us graduated high school -- it was the kind of school known as "Yale to jail," and we meant that quite literally, with some kids going to Yale and some kids going to jail -- but that was hardly the fault of our reading material.

Anyway, here's the article.

I thought it was interesting, and well worth sharing with people.
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