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The Social Whirl Continues

Popping in again for a quick hello. I've been shuttled around to see lots of friends and relatives, and I'm heading out to New York for New Year's tomorrow. There will be a fuller update once I get back to Chicago.

For those who were wondering, I was reunited with my wandering bag the day after I arrived home, so I was not without underwear for too long.

We were visiting Aunt and Uncle Pony, and a firm resolution has been made to book a nonstop flight for Passover so as to avoid a repeat of the Cleveland Incident. Last night, the Pony Family gathered around to watch the Patriots battle the Giants to achieve a 16 - 0 perfect season. GO PATRIOTS!!! The Celtics won, too, that night. Whoda thunk Boston would end up being such a sporting powerhouse? I have to say, football really isn't my thing, but it's a lot of fun to watch a game, beginning to end, so well played, with a crowd of people who really care about the outcome.

Mom Pony gave me a digital camera. I'll have to figure out how to hook it up to iGor, but you might see more pictures of my life in upcoming months.
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