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The Rise Of Lector Language Person

On a very technical level, I started my lectorship today. Since the Writing Program is still trying to figure out how many people are actually taking LRS, they haven't divided the students up into sections yet, and so the lectors didn't do any teaching today. We helped take attendance, and we attended the plenary lecture. After this week, we'll teach on Tuesdays and attend the plenary lectures on Thursdays.

So, easing in a little bit. But I'm still excited. I'll get to be a Real Teacher soon enough!

In other news, it wouldn't be the beginning of the quarter at the U of C without a course conflict involving my Hebrew class. This one also involved my Yiddish class and another student, but we think we have the problem resolved, and the Incredible Floating Hebrew Class has a meeting time, if not an actual place. That's next on our agenda.

Apropos of nothing at all . . . how did I manage to get the opening chorus from Titanic stuck in my head? Is a mystery to me.
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