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I Am Such A Cooking Geek

Actually, I'm rapidly turning into Mom Pony.

See, Aunt Finduilas gave me a couple of gift certificates. By virtue of a little hunting and judicious shipping selection, I was able to get both a really nice new ethnomusicology book that a friend of mine just wrote and Julia Child and Company, a cookbook (by Julia Child, of course) that's almost as old as I am. Mom Pony has an ancient, battered, stained copy of this, and I've loved looking at the color photographs since forever. Mom Pony makes some of the dishes on a fairly regular basis, and I really like them, so I decided that I needed my own copy. (Plus, a lot of the recipes call for vermouth, and I have a bottle of vermouth, left over from a failed experiment with martinis, that I want to use up.)

The cookbook came today. I am very excited! I have to page through and see what lovely things I might be able to cook up for my friends now.

Does this make me a complete and total cooking geek, or what?
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