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A Good Day

Not too much to say here. Truth to tell, I mainly wanted to gloat. I finally got my taxes in, and I am scoring the big one. I spent some quality time on the phone with the IRS on Thursday, and me and the lady in the Tuition And Fees department discussed various options that I had if I ventured from my old pal the 1040 EZ to the scarier realms of the 1040 or the 1040A. It turns out that, as per the little questionnaire she administered, I was eligible for the Hope credit. And the Hope credit wiped out my tax liability. I worked for eight months this year and paid $1250 worth oftaxes on that income. And now, thanks to being a grad student, I get it all back!

Well, minus the $250 I owe Grad School State for not recognizing the taxes I paid to Former State. But even factoring that in, I'll be netting a cool one kilobuck back from the feds when they get around to processing the paperwork. And the odd grand from the feds will come in so handy this summer. BOO yeah!

In other news, life goes on. My monster bibliography inches closer to completion. The gamelan concert gets ever closer. I've made Passover arrangements. And my pet freshman and I decided to splurge and go out to a moderately nice Afghan restaurant for lunch today. All in all, life is good right now.

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