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Well, this is it. Mom Pony is flying in tonight, and I get to have the shredded remains of my appendix out tomorrow, joy of joys. In an effort not to be caught flatfooted like I was last time, I have prepared for this hospital trip. I've stocked up on food: put beef, chicken, and Girl Scout Thin Mints in the freezer along with the jellies and chicken broth that's already in there, bought penne and a jar of sauce for those days when I don't feel like making sauce, and baked a loaf of bread, also in the freezer. I cleaned house last week, and I did a full laundry yesterday. Today, I am going to change library books and take out the trash, even though it's not quite full. And I went and bought me a nice fat novel -- this being my version of retail therapy. One of my friends approved the purchase, saying that it was a version of buying oneself a hat to feel better, only a hat just won't do the trick here.

A large part of the impetus for this activity is that I'm nervous about going back into the hospital, but I think you've already figured that out. Anyway, if you don't see me around tomorrow, that's where I'll be. If all goes as planned, I'll be coming home on Saturday, feeling crummy. Mom Pony is staying until Monday. I'll be back when I'm back.

ETA: One more thing. The choice of whether or not to participate in the LJ Content Strike is not given to me -- she who is under general anesthesia cannot post to LJ whether she wants to or not -- and I'm not going to tell anyone to strike or not to strike.* But I think it's important that those who choose to strike should know who else will be striking with you. It seems that there is a significant faction of people who are joining the strike not so much because they disapprove of SUP's business practices, but rather because the head of SUP is Jewish. Read about it here, and follow some of the links.

Tomorrow, the day of the Strike, is Good Friday, a day that, especially in Eastern Europe, has been a traditional time for pogroms and other anti-Semitic actions. Strikers, be aware that some of your fellow strikers are in this to hurt the business of a Jewish man for no better reason than that he is Jewish.

*That is the question.**

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