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So, yeah. Here I am. Surgery has happened, and I have survived. I have to say, laparoscopic surgery is a wonderful thing in life -- I got to go home the very same day! I'm kind of sore, and not up to dancing, but definitely getting better. Mom Pony arrived Thursday night, and she's staying through tomorrow morning. It has been wonderful having her around.

Highlights of the surgery included:

-- One of my anesthesiologists was named Igor. Really. You have no idea how much I enjoyed having an Igor assisting.

-- They gave me nitrous before sticking me with any needles. This is clearly the way to go with needles.

-- Nurse Mary in the recovery room was very nice and actually let me stay there for several hours recovering, including juice, crackers, a toy, a story, and two naps (yes, anesthesia regresses you to four years old) before I left.

-- Going home the same day. Better to be miserable in your own bed.

-- According to the surgeon, it was a great surgery. I wouldn't know. I wasn't there.

Lowlights included:

-- The administrative work at the hospital sucked. Starting with the bit where they moved the surgery up by an hour and didn't tell me about it.

-- The anesthesiologist who was not Igor forgot my name in the operating room, even though I had two ID bracelets, one on each arm. She kept calling me "Jessie," which is not my name. Fortunately, I wasn't completely under, so I was able to remind her that I am a Pony, not a Jessie. And then, for good measure, that they were going to take out my appendix. I don't know what surgery Jessie had scheduled, but I wanted none of it.

-- I have a very sore tummy, and walking three blocks to the grocery store is hard. I am not accustomed to this, and it sucks.

-- I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy for six weeks. They define heavy as "over ten pounds." Clearly, this will present problems that I must deal with.

But I'm back, I have no appendix, and I am being lovingly taken care of. All this is good.
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