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A Good Day

Today was fun. I started my Modal Analysis class, in which we will spend ten weeks learning all about classical Persian music. I like classical Persian music. This, incidentally, is the class that goes with the Modal Analysis comprehensive exam, which was the exam that I had to take back in September without having taken the class because it wasn't offered last year. Now, finally, I get to find out what all the fuss was about. I'm especially excited because Bruno Nettl, who is one of the country's great doyens of ethnomusicology, is coming from Urbana to guest-teach this course. This is really learning from a master here. As a side note to dawtheminstrel: Nettl is technically an emeritus professor. This is what he spends his retirement doing. Traveling from Urbana to Chicago every week to teach Modal Analysis.

And I found out today that one of my friends from the Fairest College had a baby yesterday! I saw the picture that her wife posted, and the baby is absolutely adorable. This is actually the second adorable baby born to a friend recently -- this one lady in my Hebrew class had her baby over Spring Break, and he is adorable, too.
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