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It's Magic Time!

On Tuesday, my semester project for the Ethnobibliography Class Of Evil is due. An annotated monster bibliography of at least two hundred items in our chosen research area (mine is Jewish music, basically Ashkenazi and American, but with certain exceptions). This is the project that ate Chicago. It's been consuming my mind, my time, and my very soul for the past few weeks. I scoured the school library, the libraries of other schools in the state system, OCLC, the public library, my personal library, and the library of the place where I used to work when I was a real person. I cribbed shamelessly from the bibliography to a paper I did last semester on women cantors. I scoured the bibliographies of books I put in this bibliography. I begged items shamelessly from other professors. One dark and gloomy night, I came very close to listing my own personal menorah, dreidels, and mezuzah until I remembered that they weren't, technically, books or articles. (The siddur and the haggadah made it in, though.)

But it was all worth it. I counted my items today, and I came up with two hundred and seventeen! Magic time! It's Friday, and the monster bibliography is due Tuesday. Anything else I care to add will be gravy, to pad out the requirements for source distribution. I can now afford to slack off just the teensiest bit to enjoy the gamelan concert tomorrow evening and even (gasp!) to think about my fifteen-page seminar paper, about which I must say something intelligent in two hours.

Magic time!
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