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The Fabulous Letter C

Meckinock has assigned me the letter C, for no particular reason.

C is For:

C major: The easiest key to learn on the piano, since it's all white notes. Also, apparently the "default" key for transcribing Persian dastgahs into Western notation.

Cobb Hall: I spend several hours there every day of the week, learning either Hebrew or Yiddish. And, amazingly, not having my head explode from the experience.

Cookies: Since I started hosting singings in my apartment, I've baked more of them this year than I had in the preceding four years put together. Now, almost any problem can be solved with Pony's ginger-molasses cookies.

Champagne: Proof that I am easily amused. One of my favorite decorating touches in my apartment is a plush squeaky toy shaped like a champagne bottle that a friend gave me for my birthday. The really amusing thing is that it was intended as a dog toy.

Ceylon tea: Almost as good as Twinings Irish Breakfast tea, except that the leaves are a bitch and a half to get out of my teapot.

Common meter: Mix and match your favorite hymns and tunes!

Comics: Just what the weary graduate student needs after a long day.

Cogitating: Just the thing to precipitate the need for Comics.

Chicago: A great big town by a great big lake. The perfect stomping grounds for a Pony.

Cubs: This could be their century!

And here comes Part 2!

1. What is your first memory of loving music?

Oh, this goes back a long time. It's a memory of the first house we lived in, which means that it's a memory from before 1981. It seems like I must have been maybe two or three at the time. Anyway, I remember sitting on the blue carpet in the room that was half study, half den, underneath Dad Pony's desk, and hearing the music on his record player. It was only many years later that I learned that the music in that memory is Bach's fourth Brandenburg Concerto. Even today, listening to that particular concerto calls up that sense of being safely at home and out on an exciting adventure at the same time.

2. What's your dream job?

To be an ethnomusicologist as hot-shot as Richard Taruskin is a musicologist, only less of an asshole. Accordingly, to have written a book review for the Times Literary Supplement and to have had a book of my own reviewed in the same publication. Although not in the same issue.

3. Do you think the Cubs will ever win a World Series?

One can only hope. I think they will, one day, if their luck keeps improving as it has been.

4. A celebrity you'd like to have lunch with.

Depends. Are they buying?

Possibly Barack Obama (apparently, he was hanging out at 57th St. Books on Thursday, and I missed it because I had class. I found out about it because one of my friends, who lives above the bookstore, told me about going into the bookstore and encountering layer after layer of Secret Service persons until he saw Obama reading to his daughter in the children's section). I think I'd also like to sit down with an Israeli actor named Lior Ashkenazi. We've been watching his episodes of BeTipul in Hebrew class on Thursdays, and as an actor, the man is all that and a bag of chips, besides being very easy on the eyes. I could practice fangirling in Hebrew.

5. You're going on sabbatical to Tokyo for a year and you can only afford a 300-square foot apartment. What are things you absolutely have to take with you?

Furnished or unfurnished apartment? If it's furnished, that makes life much easier. I'd bring my bedding, since that's kind of what makes an apartment look like "mine." The dinosaur blankets, patchwork pillow and the stuffed animals. Clothes, of course, and a selection of books and CDs, along with a CD player. The camera. Pots and pans could probably be acquired secondhand in Tokyo and then given away at the end of the year. I'd need to have e-mail and internet access, of course, to keep you all updated on life in Tokyo, but I don't know if iGor would run in Japan. On the other hand, it's probably not too difficult to get internet access anyway. My menorah, of course, and probably a box of candles. That sort of stuff.
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