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Thursday Singing

Tonight we sang at my place, and between regulars, occasional guests, and one total newcomer, we had more people than I have ever had at this apartment, all singing in my living room. I even had to break out the emergency chairs! We had fifteen people all told, at our peak attendance. With that size crowd, and with the windows open for a little fresh air, we made the neighborhood ring! Truefax. The last singer to arrive told us that he could hear the singing a block away. It was a good thing I decided to make extra food last night. We had cherries, almonds, gingerbread cookies, rose-flavored marzipan, and fruit punch, a gracious plenty. And the sound was full and rich and wonderful. One of my Modal Analysis classmates came to check it out, and she seemed impressed in the gobsmacked sort of way that people hearing Harp singing for the first time tend to be impressed.
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