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Channeling Famous Economists For Fun And Profit

One of my two major activities for the day is a lengthy demonstration of the socio-economic theories of Thorstein Veblen. For those not immediately familiar with his work, he was the one who explained the concepts of "conspicuous consumption" and "conspicuous leisure" as the kind of things that people do to demonstrate their wealth. When someone with money buys something nice, or when someone with lots of leisure time spends it on obvious recreation, that's conspicuous consumption/leisure.

Baking cookies is probably not expensive enough to qualify me for the "conspicuous consumption" category, but dammit, school is out for the year, so I am going to blast through that "conspicuous leisure" category today! Specifically, I have been engaged in making a particular cookie recipe, on and off, since about six this morning, when I got out of bed, set the butter to soften, and promptly went back to bed for an hour. The recipe is called "Thick and Thin Mints," and it is a tremendous patchke that promises to be oh so worth it. Stage One is to bake thin chocolate mint wafers, and let them cool. I have done this.

Stage Two is to make a bowl of mint chocolate ganache, let it cool, and then blurp it onto the cookies. I'm halfway through this stage. The ganache is cooling.

Stage Three will be to make a bowl of chocolate coating and dip the cookies in it, then let them chill until they are set.

None of these stages is particularly difficult, but all together, they do take up a fair amount of time. But if this recipe works the way I think it will, it will be conspicuous leisure time well spent. Anyone wishing to sing at my place tonight can help be the judge of the final results.
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