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When Your Methods Don't Work . . .

. . . repeat them again and again.

Seriously. Our score in the War on Terror reads Terror 2, U.S. 0. We reduced Afghanistan to rubble, set up a weak government, and now the Taliban are coming back and we still don't have Osama bin Laden (who I seem to recall was a major inspiration for going in there in the first place). Next, we reduced Iraq to rubble, and we continue to pour money and lives into that black hole to this very day.

Now the Current Occupant and his henchpersons have decided that they want to go after Iran, even though their own intelligence reports suggest that Iran has stopped working on nuclear weapons. They just have to have one last deadly hurrah before they leave office.

November absolutely cannot come fast enough.

ETA: Wait, I've heard this story before! Right here. You know the world is not in a good place when Onion articles start coming true.
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