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No More Bibliography Class!

Wheee! Hooray!

It's over, it's all over with Ethnobibliography. The Monster Bibliography is done, done, done! I made the final push today, and I finished organizing and sorting my entries and then making up the final report. The ultimate tally: 255 separate entries, from 43 different sources, on 39 pages. Notes, appendix, source codes, and a clever cover page.

Since every single bibliography of Jewish music has the same title -- "Bibliography of Jewish Music" -- I decided to do something fun. So I called my bibliography "Oy Gevalt! The Monster Bibliograpy of the History, Theory, Ethnography, and Practice of (Mostly) Ashkenazi Jewish Music." And then I put a picture of a monster on the front, and I drew a kippah and payiss on the monster, so that it was a Hasidic monster. And then I dropped it off, and vwah-lah! No more Ethnobibliography!

The Insanely Nitpickety Professor of Doom took us all out to dinner tonight at a lovely Arabic restaurant as a reward for surviving her class. We had a feast -- pita and cheese and stuffed grape leaves and lamb and salmon and chickpeas'n'spinach and kibbee and roasted red peppers and soup and just gallons and gallons of cardamom tea. Yum. Almost makes it worth it to sit through those days in class where we were just about ready to kill either each other or ourselves.
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