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Revving Up For The Year

I went to gamelan practice last night, the first time in several weeks that I've played. It all just kind of comes back. There have been some developments since I've been gone -- apparently, the church basement flooded back in August, so we're not in our usual room, and we're using the iron gamelan, since it's easier to move that into a dry room while we wait for the room where the bronze gamelan lives to be fixed up. Been a long time since I played on the iron instruments, and the sound quality is definitely different. Its pitch is also different; I don't remember if it's low enough that I can sing pelog with it. I should definitely give that a try sometime.

We have a concert coming up in Joliet in October, so we're putting together a program of music from the spring concert. I wasn't able to participate in the spring concert, so I enjoy having a chance to learn some of the music from it anyway.
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