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It's That Time Once Again

Yes, that lovely time of year, when University of Chicago music students engage in the hair-raising, soul-searing, students-in-other-departments-terrifying ritual of Comps. Technically, they started on Friday with the handing out of the first set of analysis exams, but I'm not taking those.

Instead, I get the joy of re-taking my history exam (1800 - Present) tomorrow morning at 9:00. Joy of joys. I feel much better prepared for it than I was last year, though. I have a better grasp of the greater narratives of music history, and I can match the name of some scholars to the ideas that they wrote about. I'm pretty sure I'll pass thi time, but still . . . the caterpillars in my tummy are busily turning into butterflies . . .

And now for something completely different. Does anyone know any tricks for making a recalcitrant "s" key actually work again? Using copy-paste for a single letter gets irritating very quickly, especially since the modern keyboard doesn't really have the old-fashioned long s.
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