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Lazy Sunday

I like Sundays like this. The analysis portion of Comps is still going on, so the music department doesn't need anything from me at the moment. School doesn't begin for another week. Booking speakers for EthNoise is going pretty well. I have plenty of leisure to do things like make challah (rising in the oven as we speak), pick up herb tea and more flour, contemplate doing another baking of bread, since that freezes well and might as well be done before the quarter starts, contemplate possibly acquiring some fruit and making another batch of freezer jam, all these lovely housecrafty things that I will probably be glad to have done once school starts.

On the other hand, my inner twelve-year-old, who is not so much "inner" as "barely covered with a thin, translucent veneer of grownup-ness, spotted a couple of tiny Breyer model horses in a toy store the other day, and has been begging ever since. I loved playing with Breyer horses when I was a kid, and these are tiny and are seriously whinnying my name. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it to resist or not.
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