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Nothing Much To See Here

Just a basic update on schtuff. I registered for my classes for the fall quarter, so you can expect to hear musings on the following three topics: 1) Jazz, 2) Bartók, and 3) Capital, Class, and Music Matters. I'll be heading out to SEM, the annual conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology, in October, and I'll be giving a presentation here at school on What I Did On My Summer Vacation -- apparently, you're allowed to do these in graduate school if you did something sufficiently exciting and if you can dress it up in a fancy title. I'm actually giving two versions of the presentation. Once will be in Yiddish, for the second-year Yiddish class (which I'm not taking because the music department has not-so-subtly hinted that "enough with the languages, already!"), and once will be in English, for the EthNoise workshop series. The EthNoise version will focus more on music, and the Yiddish-class version will focus more on linguistic and cultural aspects of the program, possibly also featuring the Chinese Restaurant Story.

But, of course, you lovely people saw it here first!

Went to the music department's orientation dinner tonight, which was entertaining. Decent food, and I got to meet the new postdoc, Eric The Half-A-Bee. It's definitely shaping up to be a good year.
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