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Come Hell Or High Water

The gamelan will play. We had our open house scheduled for tonight, which also coincides with our last rehearsal before a concert in Joliet.

This, of course, is a signal to the Javanese Weather Gods. It rained. Hard. And the church basement flooded.

It wasn't as bad as it could have been. There was a sizeable puddle in the entrance to the gamelan room, but we only had to move a few of the instruments and the new rugs out of the way, and the rest looked pretty safe. Lots of people braved the downpour to come to the open house, and we got to play, and they got to play, and it was all on the bronze instruments, which sound ten times richer than our traveling iron instruments.

(This is why gamelans in Java get housed in rooms on stilts. I asked about that.)
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