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Guess who blew into town this weekend? Little Sister Pony!

She was attending a friend's weekend-long wedding party, but had some free time today, so we could hang out. We spent the time shopping for a party shirt for her, since one of the events was a dance party and the dress code had been changed upon seeing the weather. Little Sister Pony and I always enjoy shopping for her -- she looks really good in off-the-rack department-store clothes, and she likes my eye for styles and colors that suit her. And it's a chance to hang out and chat. She has the most fabulous new haircut, a cute little 1920s bob that looks really sleek when she flat-irons her hair.

After we found her a rockin' purple-blue top for the party and a black cotton wrap for everyday, we went to a little chocolate café, where I bought sodas and a chocolate bar to split, and we settled in for a good long sisterly chat.

What a nice little surprise to boost my weekend!
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