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Zap! Pow! Bam!

And another practicum bites the dust!

This time it was sight singing. I had taken sight singing last year, but I got very nervous, since it was my first practicum. Nervousness isn't good for the voice -- I choked, and that was it for that practicum. I signed up to re-take it this year, and I took it today, and whaddaya know? The piece in front of me was an easier piece, I was less nervous, I took more time to warm up, and I passed!

Academic plot coupon count, for those keeping score:

Language Exams: Passed 3 out of 3
Practica: Passed 3 out of 4
Comps: Passed 5 out of 5

Still ahead in the plot coupon department: one more practicum (probably transcription), and the Special Field Exam.
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