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Hark! There's A Real World Out There!

So I've been taking the week to do nothing of great importance, and it's been a wonderful thing. I sleep when I want, eat when I want, read comic books all day if that's my pleasure, and I've been snorking down movies. I got "Galaxy Quest" from the library, I rented "Saved!" and "Hebrew Hammer," and I went to the five-dollar theater to see "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy."

Galaxy Quest: I'd seen this one before, but I still really liked it. Dead-on parody of "Star Trek," the show, the fans, the actors, the cult. Gotta love it.

Saved!: Eh. "Mean Girls" was better. I suppose it depends on how amusing one finds the Loud Christians. The Christan aspect to the movie was pretty funny, if a little one-note, but other than that, it was a pretty typical teen comedy.

Hebrew Hammer: Oh, man. Oh, man. I so need to show this one to my seminar professor, who'd just plotz at the sight of it. It's a "jewsploitation" flick about Mordecai Jefferson Carver, the Certified Circumsised Dick, engaged to save Hanukkah (and, by extension, Kwanzaa) from the racist, anti-Semitic Santa Damian who wants Christmas to be the only winter holiday. Manages to hit all the stereotypes of Orthodox Judaism and blaxploitation flicks utterly shamelessly. I was rolling.

Hitchhikers: It was pretty good. I thought the first half was better; it kind of lost its path halfway through and started to become Hitchhikers Lite. Marvin, Ford and Arthur were spot-on. Zaphod was okay, though a lot more manic and less cool and froody than he ought to have been. Trillian's character was horribly butchered to the point of being completely unrecognizable, and the romance between her and Arthur just should have been scrapped. I did like the Point Of View Gun, and I loved seeing some of the textual jokes played out right there on the screen. The Vogon bureaucratic hell was great, though; a perfect example of something altered from any of the previous Hitchhikers incarnations yet still managing to keep Adams's sensibility about it.

In other news, three of my grades have come in, and they're about what I expected. Just waiting on the Ethnobibliography grade, and then we'll see how the year went. So far, though, the cumulative GPA is pretty good. And one of my ethnomusicologist friends (at another school) finished her dissertation and got a postdoc at the University of Alberta. I didn't know you could get a postdoc in something like ethnomusicology, but from what she said, it sounds like a good deal. And, hey, she gets to live in Canada for two years, which is an option that's sounding better all the time. I'll have to check out Canadian schools for my Ph.D, maybe.
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