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I Must Be On Candid Camera

There are days when I'm glad that those of my ancestors who hailed from Krakow were Jewish, not Polish. Because otherwise, I'd have to suspect that the universe was trying to play a big ol' ethnic joke on me sometimes.

Through devious ways, I discovered a recipe online for something called pierniki. You can take a look at it here. The website calls it "Pierniki -- the Gingerbread Cookies." I thought this would be a wonderful cookie recipe to have, both for the singers and for the EthNoise! workshop that I've been baking for. Since I'm hosting singing tonight, I figured I'd try it out for the singers.

Well. There are some things that this recipe doesn't tell you about, oh yes there are. For starters, there is no actual ginger in "the Gingerbread Cookies." They're spice cakes. Second, you may notice that the recipe doesn't actually mention how many cookies you'll get out of this. Fine, since estimates of cookie recipes tend not to be that accurate anyway. But still, a hint would be nice. Rounded to the nearest dozen, perhaps. Because this is a big recipe. The 4 - 5 cups of flour should have tipped me off, I guess, but still.

I think I have about four and a half cups in there. I started off with four cups, then added more, trying to get the dough to the stiffness required so that you can roll it out . . . and it started looking like an awful lot of cookie dough. I stopped at the "stiff enough for drop cookies" stage, just because I was starting to worry about how big a batch of cookies I was getting myself into. And it's a good thing I did. Even with fairly large drop cookies, there are just cookies and cookies everywhere! I lost count, but I must have at least three or four dozen. They're almost done cycling through the oven. One more trayful, I think.

Everyone is invited to come sing at my house tonight and help eat up all these pierniki! And take some home, too!
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