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I'm Dreaming Of A White . . .

New Year's, apparently. It's snowing heavily outside. The Pony family is (allegedly) going to a New Year's party in Massachusetts tonight. I really hope we make it. I heard it was a rockin' party last year, and I was kind of jealous, because the party I was at last year was not so much fun. But we shall see what the roads are doing.

In other news, the saga of my whackadoo governor continues to amuse. He's given one more gigantic "fuck you" to the party, putting Roland Burris in a rather uncomfortable spot in the process. Oh, Blagojevich. You and Sarah Palin should form a comedy act.

In further news, I have acquired two-count-em-two CDs of the Barry Sisters. I plan to inflict them on students within the next few months. Watch this space.
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